Loctite 518 - Flange Sealant, Excellent Oil Resistance - 50 Ml Tube

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  • Flexes with minor flange movements

  • Suitable for aluminium and other metal flanges

  • Semi-flexible, medium-strength anaerobic flange gasket

  • For active and inactive rigid metal flanges

  • Cures through minor surface contamination

  • Size : 1.69 Ounces

Medium-strength, general purpose gasketing product - excellent contamination tolerance. Ideal for use on casted iron, steel and aluminum flanges. LOCTITE 518 cures when confined in the absence of air between close-fitting metal surfaces. It is an anaerobic gasketing material designed for use on rigid iron, aluminum, and steel flanged mating surfaces. Fills gaps up to 0.25mm and forms a flexible, chemical-resistant seal that will not tear or decay. Parts disassemble easily, even after extended service. Typical applications include sealing close-fitting joints between rigid metal faces and flanges. It is also used as a formed-in-place gasket on rigid flanged connections, e.g. transmissions and engine housings. NEW: Henkel has recently improved the product formulation of LOCTITE 518 providing: 1. Higher strength on contaminated surfaces 2. Better flexibility and improved adhesion 3. Enhanced sealing capability 4. Improved gap cure 5. High performance on passive metals without an activator Your benefits 1. Seals instantly against low pressure 2. Reduces inventory costs no need for large inventory of cut gaskets 3. Resists high pressure when fully cured 4. No compression set or misaligned gaskets 5. Easy to automate 6. Reduces process costs eliminates manual assembly of conventional gaskets Warning:Keep away from children, Always read material safety data sheet and technical data sheet before using the product. Keep away from children. Please Note: The Volume in the bottle/tube is as described, but company has increased the size of the bottles then the normal for some safety norms during the shipment.