Nmf Ionic Friction Reducer, 16 Engines (64 Oz)

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  • APPLICATION: engine, transmission, hydraulics, hubs, power steering, radiator, fuel, greased joints/bearings. Contains no solid particles, leaves no residue. Safe for automatic transmissions and wet clutches. TECHNOLOGY: NMF eliminates the attractive electrical relationship which is the root cause of most friction. Creates a negative-negative operating environment so metal parts repel each other and residue is repelled away from metal. RESULTS: less wear and clean parts.

  • All-American product by a veteran-owned business. Purchase comes with the following GUARANTEES: (1) NMF reduces wear and heat to your satisfaction or money back (2) if used in an engine, NMF cleans the engine to your satisfaction or money back (3) if used in fuel, NMF cleans the fuel injectors to your satisfaction or money back (4) for a fully-treated semi truck only, NMF improves fuel efficiency or money back and (5) on ASTM D4172 reduces wear by at least 10% or money back.

  • WEAR TEST PROVEN: ASTM D4172 is the standard measurement of friction reduction trusted by SAE engineers. Petro Lubricant Labs of Lafayette New Jersey conducted ASTM D4172 on Shell Rotella T 15W40 without and with NMF. NMF improved the wear-resistance performance of Rotella T by 22% and reduced the overall friction co-efficient by 36.6%. ** New engines need friction for proper piston ring seating. Apply NMF after break-in period **

  • RACE TEST PROVEN: Motorsports teams at all levels, from IndyCar to the Bandit Big Rig Series, Monster Jam circuit, and dirt tracks and drag strips around the world use NMF to keep temperatures down and parts alive. Sponsored motorsports teams have no monetary or material incentive to promote NMF. We don't pay -- all we provide is NMF and t-shirts, hats, patches, etc. for the driver and crew chief.

  • Questions and Answers: http://gonmf.com/q&a.pdf. For more information, please call 844-763-7250 or visit www.NoMoreFriction.com.

  • Size : 16 Engines (64 oz)

Reduces wear and cleans parts. A 64 oz bottle contains enough NMF to defrictionize sixteen engines with an oil reservoir of 5 quarts or less. This size bottle is particularly popular among truckers and car dealerships. Detailed vehicle application information follows. HYDRAULIC SYSTEMS: 1 oz per quart hydraulic fluid. BIG TRUCKS AND BUSES: engine 1 oz per quart of oil, transmission 16 oz, differentials 12 oz in each, power steering 1 oz, hubs 1 oz, radiator 1 oz, greased joints 1 oz. LIGHT TRUCKS AND AUTOS: engine: 1 oz per quart of oil (except for small engines with oil reservoirs of 5 quarts or less where 4 ounces will do), manual transmission 5 oz, automatic transmission 3 oz, differentials 1 oz per quart oil, power steering 1 oz, radiator 1 oz. MOTORCYCLES (safe for wet clutches -- will not cause slippage): engine/gear box 1 oz per quart oil, chain/shaft hypoid gear several drops. SMALL ENGINES: 1 oz per quart of oil. 2-STROKE MOTORS: 1 oz per 20 gallons of fuel-oil mixture. BOATS: motor/hypoid gear/lower unit drive 1 oz per quart of oil.