Lubegard 40820 Coolant Treatment For Motorcycles, 4 Fl. Oz.

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  • For use in any water-cooled motorcycle or ATV

  • Reduces temperatures and protects cooling system from electrolysis and corrosion

  • Protects aluminum from electrolysis

  • Reduces operating temperatures

  • Prevents hard-water scales and deposits

  • Size : 4 Ounce

Lubegard Coolant Treatment for Motorcycles is chemically engineered to reduce the surface tension of the coolant, thus allowing it to more deeply penetrate metal surfaces at vital heat-transfer areas. This decreases operating temperatures and significantly reduces the possibility of overheating. Due to its unique chemical composition, Lubegard coolant treatment for motorcycles is the most effective product to prevent damage from electrolysis, corrosion, and pitting. When the engine is cool, pour the Lubegard coolant treatment for motorcycles into the radiator, start the engine and run for 10 minutes. Always maintain a minimum of 15 percent antifreeze in street-driven motorcycles. The ratio is: 1 bottle treats systems 2 to 6 quarts in capacity. The frequency is: add 1 bottle Lubegard coolant treatment for motorcycles every year or 30,000 miles. After the 5th consecutive year, drain, flush and refill the cooling system.