Comstar 60-129 Super Heat 8-In-1 Heating And Fuel Oil Treatment, 8 Oz, Single Bottle

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  • Melts ice and lowers pour point in fuel tanks

  • Controls waxing and jelling

  • Eliminates water and dissolves sludge

  • Cleans strainers, filters and nozzles

  • Reduces soot by 50 percent and eliminates bacteria breeding grounds

Super Heat's original 8-in-1 fuel oil treatment is professionally formulated to protect outside, inside and underground fuel tanks all year round, and to eliminate all problems associated with cold weather. It protects against winter freeze-ups from ice and sludge, prevents corrosion of tanks and filters and extends fuel usage. Super Heat is used by professionals for over 30 years to eliminate service calls. One pint treats 550 gallons.