Castrol Syntrax Limited Slip Gear Oil 75W-140-1 Liter

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  • Reduces noise and vibrations in the axle

  • Excellent shear stability maintaining performance over the life of the lubricant

  • Exceptional stability at high temperatures extending the life of lubricant and axle

  • Effective wear resistance ensures protection under high loads and prevents damage to components

  • API GL-5, MB-Approval 235.61, BMW LS Rear Axles, Recommended for Nissan GTR limited slip axles

  • Color : Amber

  • Size : 1 Liter

Item Package Quantity:1 Axle Fluid for Limited Slip Differentials. Synthetic multigrade rear axle fluid, designed to provide superior protection at both low and high operating temperatures where conventional mineral oils prove unsatisfactory. Recommended for BMW rear axles, light commercial vehicles and 4WD axles all fitted with limited slip differentials.