Putco 270008 Nite-Lux Fanless H8 Led Headlight Conversion Kit, 2 Bulbs

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  • New, advanced LED headlight replacement kit using Cree LEDs with 6500K color temperature

  • Miniaturized lamp, tower and ballast packed with a constant current CPU and anti-interference equipment. IP68 shock proof

  • Putco exclusive 100 percent copper weave cloth heat-sink eliminates the need for noisy, failure prone fans

  • 360 degree light output, 2500 lumens each

  • Replaces bulb type H8

  • Nite-Lux LED kits operate best when paired with Putco Anti-Flicker Harnesses to ensure smooth power delivery and consistent light output

Putco Nite-Lux LED Headlight Conversion kits are some of the world's most advanced LED kits available today. These high output, 2500 lumen (each) kits boast Cree LEDs, miniaturized lamps, towers and ballasts that are packed with technology. They feature a constant current CPU and anti-interference equipment. Nite-Lux kits also feature a Putco exclusive 100 percent Copper weave cloth heat-sink design, which allows easier installation in smaller spaces while eliminating noisy fans that are prone to failure. With high quality Cree LEDs delivering a 360 degree light output and 6500K color temperature, these bulbs enhance driver awareness while adding a cool, custom look to any vehicle. Not DOT-Compliant. Made for off-road use only.