Gyeon Q2R Marine Polish Step 1, Heavy Cut Compound For Gelcoat And Yacht Paint

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  • Marine Heavy Cut Compound

  • Effective Compound for Scratch and Oxidation Removal

  • Brings Gloss on Dull Surfaces Back

Use the QR MarinePolish Step 1 only on a well cleaned surface with the polishing machine of your choice. Do not use high revs, do not extend the workcycle. Step 1 presents most of its cutting abilites withing the first 45 seconds. Possible use with QM HeavyCut pads. Always remove eccessive polish and do not let dry. QR MarinePolish Step1 delivers enormous cutting power without the usual price of heavy defects. The formula is water-based and contains high-quality Japanese abrasives that allow fast and easy removal of harsh defects. No silicone or fillers make the procedure of pre-coating preparation and polish removal much faster and easier