Bug Remover Bug Scrubber Rv Car Aircraft, Safe On Paint Will Not Scratch Like Mesh Sponge Or Bug Squeegee

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  • Our Bug Scrubber Bug Remover is Safe on paint, clear coat, gel coat, chip guard coating, metals, plastic headlamps and more

  • Use with Wash Wax ALL to leave a non-stick coating as your clean.

  • Makes cleaning bugs and dirty areas easier

  • Will not scratch, clear coat and chip guard safe

  • Best bug remover you will ever try

  • Size : 1 Pack w/ Handle

The Aero Scrubber is a soft, non-scratching, long-lasting, reusable scrubber pad. Use with Wash Wax ALL to help remove bugs from leading edges, paint, metal, plastic, and glass or use with Wash Wax ALL (Degreaser) or Belly Wash on tough cleaning jobs such as aircraft bellies, engine areas, wheels, and tires. TIP: Spray Wash Wax ALL on bugs and let soak for 10-15 min. then respray and wipe off. This will make bug removal super easy!!